August 15, 2013

Friend remembered

Here is a man who left for his heavenly abode a year ago! A man volunteered to help any body and every body any time any where. He was living in the neighbourhood of Manali New Town for about a quarter of a century. A simple family loving person who worked in Coats India, Chennai. After voluntary retirement from the company he was doing social service. He was a person who was actively involved in the Welfare activities of MNT welfare Association with out seeking any official position he ventured to 
Service treating all the members of the association equal in status avoiding the for and against attitude.
He died  much younger than those of his age group because of illness. The inadequacy of health services at Manali New Town had  done immense damage  to his life and  added untold financial constraints.

Ramakrishnan helped me on several occasions especially during the marriage of my first daughter in 1998 when I needed a brother like person for guidance.  As the great saint Thiru Valluvar states "The world is his who does his job with compassion!"