July 23, 2012

A scholar

The way to keep a dead person alive is in a sense, by remembering them. Even if we didn’t know them intimately  we might have learned about who they were and what they did etc. from the friendly discussions ocassionaly we have. We can pay tributes to them. So that their good deeds and philanthropic activities can be made known .Ramarathnam

Ramaratnam was known to me for well over three decades.

Generally we do not like being reminded of death and grief. They want death to be forgotten after a few days of mourning.Better way to honor the dead is to remember their good deeds

He passed away last week in Chennai at the age of 73.He was a resident of Gopalapuram when I came in contact with him. A Sanskrit scholar well versed in Bhagavat Geetha  and Vedics ,no wonder he made his first home the Geetha Bhavan .

He is an entrepreneur and the name Vedyog is part of the name of the business that he owns.No talk is complete for him without mentioning  a line from the ancient scriptures.

I pay my tribute to this genius through this posting.

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