August 31, 2012

When you are on Face Book...!

The official word
Facebook is a great medium as it connects people like never before. I recently read that it has even beaten several job portals in providing access to jobs, which is great! But unfortunately, youngsters get carried awat by its good features and fall prey to its negative side. Any information that is available in the public space is a risk. Where most of them go wrong is in updating their location online. This makes it easier for miscreants to locate them offline. That’s a big no-no!
The biggest irony is we might not voluntarily share personal information in person with people we know but strangers online have access to it with just a click. This is where users need to exercise caution. Always think about who is going to look at what you are uploading. Facebook has access controls, so use them! In case of any problems, first report abuse on Facebook and do approach us: CID cyber cells or city cyber cells.
The police department is just beginning to make use of the social media’s potential. You must have noticed the active presence of Chennai City Traffic Police page on Facebook. It’s gradually picking up, but we have a long way to go.
SONAL V. MISRA, SP, Crime Branch CID (Cyber Crime) Chennai
Courtesy: The Hindu : Life & Style / Nxg : The good, the bad and the ugly!

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