September 13, 2014

A man of action and humor - a tribute

There are moments in life that cannot be wished away just like that. How would  one express his gratitude  to a person for the generosity shown four decades ago? That too if he is no more! These were the random thought that was running in my mind after seeing the picture of this nice gentleman in Mathrubhumi daily. The obituary ads in this news paper are so many that it was a sort of miracle that I could glance up on this beloved person who served the Indian Air Force for a pretty long period. Raghuttiyettan as he was known among his juniors was active in politics and social work post retirement. The one year that I stayed with his joint family in late seventies is still afresh in my memory. He helped many boys those days to select career in Air Force.

The last time we met was in 2000 February second week when he called at our home for condoling the demise of my father late O V K Nambiar.  At that time he was accompanied by his wife and youngest sister. Never I could imagine that he lived only for five years thereafter.  A man of action and humor indeed!

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