July 19, 2015

A Noble Policeman!

In passing away of former IPS officer, C V Narasimhan on 18 th July 2015 I had lost a very important guide. He was nearly 90. It was in late 1990s when we were looking for help to establish a school of excellence I had the first opportunity to interact with him. I and another friend of mine named Gandhi met him at his Abhiramapuram residence. Spontaneously he welcomed and discussed many issues that were our concern then. He was so simple and we felt very comfortable and free to air the views which resulted in several such meetings on many occasions therafter.
He was then one of the Vice-Presidents of the Vivekananda Educational Society.  The society was well known for its activities associated with education. CVN was also involved in the management of P S Group of schools which is one of the oldest popular one in Chennai that was once Madras.

May his soul rest in peace!

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