July 03, 2015

Great Loss to Consumer Activism!

The demise of R  Desikan was reported in the Hindu.In his demise I lost a sr. friend and cosumer activist. Our association started way back in 1990 just after the consumer protection rule was at its infancy. The  seminars and activism that he was instrumental has added great fillip to the consumer rights. Once I suggested him to have a seminar on gold. (Gold is one commodity for which no one knows the purity and genuine cost. Still trade flourish. Recently some controls are in place) for which we initiated certain actions . Unfortunately for me enough time and resources were not there to take it to its logical conclusion. I remember how supportive he was and I am thankful to him. When ever Some one brings a consumer issue to me I felt refering to either the late sri.Dalavai ( the Gandhian HC advocate) and in his absence to Desikan.
The feed back was very encouraging and such people are rare now a days. The Hindu report is copied here. Keeping his activities going on will be the best tribute I can think off. RIP

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