October 25, 2015

My Gurunathan

Late Sri O V Kammaran Nambiar, an accredited Astrologer of yore and a Sanskrit Scholar par excellence and a distinguished Educationist of last century is my Guru who initiated me to the world of letters. 

The affection shown by him at a time when it was not forthcoming from many other relatives, was immense and that is one big reason I wish to publish his details here even though he left this world way back in 29th September 1980 at the age of 82. OV as affectionately known, has eminent sons and daughter and a large family. The village Azhikode got the first primary school through his efforts in 1925 , nearly 90 years ago. His knowledge in astrology made him an authority and is known throughout Kerala state.  The last day I met my Gurunathan was way back in 1978.

I had an occasion to meet his eldest son T K Damodaran Nambiar who visited  our home in 2005 April a few days after Vishu rejuvenating his fondness and respect to my father who died in 1999. He is also a teacher himself and scholar who won  the best teacher award in his thirties. His younger brother Ramachandran Nambiar is an expert Ayurvedic Physician whose dedication is well known. He too visited us to condole on hearing the demise of my father. I am extremely thankful to both the persons who took so much of effort to locate our home deep inside the village Kalliasseri  as a matter of courtesy  that can be found rarely now. 


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