October 25, 2015

The Onden Master

It was in  1963 that I just joined my eighth standard class at AH School. Many days passed but our class didn’t have a regular class teacher. Well, imagine a headless class with mischievous boys, many of whom were out grown in size and aged for that class. A few little boys like me were sandwiched among them in the class and found it extremely uncomfortable. We told the problems to some friendly teachers and got a stock response saying that the new class teacher will come and join anytime soon and thereafter he would take care of your well being. We prayed for that day and waited impatiently. One fine morning a lean fellow clad with a spotless shirt and dhoti arrived in the class and introduced us as our new class teacher. Many grown up laughed and a few smiled and the weakest of all sported despair. Wondered will he be able to do justice to his job!

Alas! He did a wonderful job as teacher, mentor and counsellor. Unfortunately it was only that year I had the opportunity to be their in his class. I never remembered him after leaving school. When I saw the obituary put up by his family members it was already five years over after he left the world. Sad indeed! 

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