September 04, 2016

Destiny that cannot be changed!

One Day Yamaraja approached a person and said:

"Hey, today is your last day!"

The person replied:  "But I'm not yet ready!".

Yamaraja said:  "Well today your name is the first one in my list".

"Okay then !  Kindly be seated, I will make some tea so that we will have it before we go".

Yamaraja obliged.

The Person served Yamaraja tea with some sleeping pills dissolved in it.

Yamaraja finished the tea and fell into a deep sleep as anticipated.

In the meantime the person took the 'terminal list' that Yamaraja was chasing and  removed his name from top of it and listed at the bottom !

Yamaraja woke up. He was too pleased with the person’s hospitality and told: "Because you have been so nice to me, I will start pick up the names  from the BOTTOM of the list today..!”

Destiny ... Will never change... no matter how much you try.

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