September 24, 2016

Boycott Chinese Products!

     On 18th September 2016 Sunday early morning we had to face terrorist attack inURI bordering J& K LOC. The HQ of our one army contingent was under fire where shift changing was taking place among soldiers at that time. The soldiers had to loose 18 of them. The matter is under various levels of action. In the mean time people of India should be aware of who are our threat and who are our supporters. Since Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism it is our feeling that anyone supporting them is directly or indirectly weakening our cause. Our neighbour China  is  one such example. They blow hot and cold often wnen it comes to favour India's just cause. They even got a project through the POK area much to our discomfort.What can we do about it?

      Today China is the under the threat of economical slump. So china has devaluated its currency by 30%. According to the global economists, China will face economical slowdown by decreasing the prices of products by its domestic industries . so Chinese products will be available at very cheaper rate in Indian and other markets.
      But this is time to weaken Chinese economy, which we can do. Because  India is the biggest market for the China across the globe. China is making a business of ₹ 6,20,00,000 crore (of Indian rupees) per annum from  Indian market.
     It seems that China is always  interested to thwart Indias progress, be it UNSC or NSG. Even to declare a terrorist nurtured by Pak, India's efforts in UN, it was only China went against India supporting Pak. China supporting Pakistan openly  to counter India becoming  a sub-continental leader.
        Hence this is the time to crush Chinese economy, hence request each and every Indian  not to buy any Chinese product for a few months at least. It will be great if you will not buy product ever which is Made in China. Even here to make an appeal to all Indian Merchants and retailers that plz do not deal in Chinese products for upcoming one month as those products are going to be more cheaper.
      This is the time to slap china and to become A Patriotic Indian. Lets do it for Nation. Spread this message as much as you can.We should avail each and every chance to counter against the powerful vested interest like China.
        As the responsible citizen of The Republic of India let us make this message viral. Do not miss a single contact you know. Your deed of not buying Chinese products and to tell the same to others is equally important to the Nation as the service by An Indian Soldier on our borders!

             || Jai Hind ||

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